Announcement : Due to the Corona virus pandemic, we were asked by the candidates to postpone Trainings to a later date. This is unfortunate but it’s in the best interest of everyone involved. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will announce the new dates in few weeks. Our website remains active and we will post updates periodically. An official email will be sent to all registrants. Meanwhile our Virtual Modules are running.

Python Course Overview:

Downloading python and Pycharm installing, Operators in python, File handling, Modules and pip in python, Python as a calculator, Comments, Escape sequence and print statement, Variables, Data types and Typecasting, String, slicing and other, Lists, tuples, Dictionary and its functions, If else and Elif, For loop, While loop, Break and continue statement, Functions, Lambda functions, F-Strings and string formatting, Enumerate function, If __name__==__main__ usage and necessity, Join function, Map, reduce and filter, Decorator in python, Classes and objects(oop), Instance and class variables, Self and __init__  (constructors), Single, Multiple inheritance, Generators, Json module, Pickle module, Os module, Numpy, Pandas, Plotting, Assignments(use cases), Internship for 3 Months after training.


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