Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

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Why Choose Digital Marketing?

  1. Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than other marketing methods.
  2. With the growth of the Internet, more people are spending their time online. Over 7.7 billion people use the Internet across the globe. It’s become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media, and purchase products online.
  3. The ability to target your audience better is one of the most obvious reasons why digital marketing is important.
  4. Imagine being able to market directly to people who have an interest in your products or services. With digital marketing, you have the capability to directly reach leads interested in your business. You don’t have to hope that people will see your traditional marketing efforts and contact your business.
  5. The importance of digital marketing is that you can easily track and monitor your campaigns.
  6. If you want to know the importance of digital media, look at the results it drives for businesses. Online marketing strategies have an awesome return on investment (ROI). When you invest in these methods, you’ll get more out of them.

    The benefits of digital marketing for businesses include:
    • Lower costs and higher flexibility for your marketing efforts
    • Access to consumers who rely on their mobile phones or do all their shopping online
    • The ability to speak with authority on topics related to your product or industry
    • A chance to engage with influencers, earn their respect and get them to endorse your company
    • Opportunities to incorporate multiple types of media into your marketing
    • The ability to track customers’ purchase journeys

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

  1. One of the reasons a digital marketing career is so exciting is that because the field is constantly evolving as different platforms are introduced. A digital marketing manager is always scoping out trends and seeing how they impact discoverability.
  2. While traditional marketing still has its place in the world, digital marketing is quickly taking over thanks to affordability and analytics.
  3. Marketing managers are now able to see exactly where people are coming from, what they’re doing on the website, and which tactics produce the highest ROI. This data-driven approach makes it easier for professionals to prove their worth, and for leaders to see which strategies are most effective. Successes to be replicated over again, eliminating the guesswork for future campaigns

    Major Roles in Digital Marketing

    • Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director
    • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager
    • SEO Executive/Expert
    • PPC/SEM Expert
    • Content Marketer

    Other Roles

    There are many other roles or designations in Digital Marketing that depend upon the company and their requirements. Some of them are:

    • Analytics Manager
    • CRM Manager
    • Email Marketing Manager
    • E-Commerce Manager
    • Digital Agency Account Director

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